Bridging gaps to create engaging experiences

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Web Development

Designing for engaging virtual workshops

The EngageTech Forum has been running for years as a face-to-face event for engagement practitioners. When the global pandemic ruled out the possibility of doing business as usual, the event needed to pivot quickly to remote delivery without sacrificing quality.

Design Innovation

A workshop exercise to open minds and change perspectives

Developed in consultation with decision-makers and engagement practitioners, Plott is an exercise that prepares workshop participants for better deliberation. Respected and accepted decisions are the goal, and Plott is your way there!


Rethinking onboarding at Australia's #1 young university

Last year I ran an onboarding redesign consultation for the Financial Services Unit at UTS. My findings led to a suite of process design recommendations, including the decision to pilot a new HR tool this year.



Hi, I'm Nusardel

I’m passionate about solving complex challenges, and I believe the best solutions transcend disciplinary boundaries.

My background is in communication. Currently I craft engaging experiences for a range of organisations across communication, civic innovation and entrepreneurial education.