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Communist Manifesto 2.0 — 2017

The Communist Manifesto — but make it fancy.

As part of a second-year communication subject at UTS, I designed and developed an interactive version of Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels' Manifesto of the Communist Party using HTML, SASS/SCSS and Javascript.

The purpose of the project was to engage with theory and practice around code. Having already developed proficiency in HTML and CSS, I took this opportunity to expand my skillset by learning to use the CSS pre-processor, SASS. I took advantage of Javascript plugins Zenscroll (smooth scrolling) and bigfoot.js (interactive footnotes) to create a more pleasant reading experience.

The final result was a fully-responsive one-page website, complete with in-text footnotes and an easy-to-access contents menu. The website is by no means a great feat of design, but it was a great chance to have some fun while refreshing my skillset as a casual front-end developer.

ThumbnailsCommunist Manifesto 2.0

Minimal cover screen – text navigation and a funky scrolling marquee


Interactive footnotes encourage deeper reading

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I acknowledge the Cabrogal people of the Darug Nation, the traditional custodians of the land where I live and work. I pay my respect to their Elders past, present and emerging.

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