Tessellate — Co-working space management, simplified.

📆 2018

🏷 Experience Design

Desk Space wanted to explore the potential for a digital solution to help manage their growing coworking membership, delivering a great member experience while allevitating spatial and resource constraints.

Working with a team of multidisciplinary communication students, I researched and designed Tessellate, a concept coworking management app, as part of a university capstone. The final product was featured in the UTS 'FASS Lane' Faculty Showcase.



UX Research

Inquiry into the behaviours, needs and motivations of specific 'users' or audiences, in this case the staff and members at Desk Space.

Design Thinking

An iterative problem-solving approach, to help undertand users, define a problem, and test/validate potential solutions.


So many systems, so little time.

Desk Space uses multiple tools to manage everything from visitor sign-in to room bookings. A multitiude of single-purpose systems can over-complicate everyday tasks like finding an available meeting room.

Tessellate is designed to integrate directly with each system's API, streamlining multiple tools into one simple, personalised feed. Each individual's feed adapts to their unique rhythms of use, making for an increasingly intuitive experience over time.

Streamlining space bookings.

With membership increasing steadily, Desk Space is running out of, well, desk space. Combined with increased demand for meeting spaces, the uneven adoption of a room booking system means availability data is unreliable, and finding a meeting space can be a complete gamble.

As members move in and out of the space, Tessellate's simple booking process allows them to quickly find an available space and book it, without needing to get their laptop out.

Future-proofing for a rapidly growing member base.

The increase in membership also meant an increasing burden on the Community Manager. Through interviews, we found their biggest difficulty was balancing daily queries from existing members, with frequent tours and meetings with prospective members.

Tessellate affords a simple help desk/chat bot function, which suggests common queries and links to relevant information or tools. If a member has a more specific enquiry, the help desk connects them to a Community Manager. More effective triaging and request management means a reduced response time, with the added benefit of less Slack notifications.


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