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As part of a second-year communication subject, I designed and developed an interactive version of Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels' 'Manifesto of the Communist Party', using HTML, SASS and Javascript.

The purpose of the project was to engage with theory and practice around code. Having already developed proficiency in HTML and CSS, I took the opportunity to expand my skillset by learning to use SASS — a CSS pre-processor language. I took advantage of Javascript plugins Zenscroll and bigfoot.js to create a more digital-friendly reading experience.

The final result is a fully-responsive one-page website, complete with in-text footnotes and an easily accesed chapter menu. The website is by no means a work of art, but it was a great chance to have some fun while refreshing my skillset.

ThumbnailsCommunist Manifesto 2.0

Minimal cover screen – text navigation and a funky scrolling marquee


Interactive footnotes encourage deeper reading

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