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Mai Kana

Fiji, along with its Pacific neighbours, is already experiencing the worst effects of climate change. While grassroots efforts have rallied local communities to create climate change resilience, regional cooperation is needed to ensure these efforts are successful.

I had the privilege of participating in an Unbound study trip to Fiji, where I worked in a small team to research and generate ideas for an initiative targeting the issue of climate change in the South Pacific. Over two weeks we visited the villages of Waivaka and Namatakula, meeting with grassroots activist groups Kai Ni Cola and Rako Pasefika, as well as the Pacific Island Development Forum.

Drawing on community engagement and our own experiences, we prototyped a cultural dining experience called Mai Kana – meaning 'come eat' in Fijian. The event was designed to foster cross-cultural awareness, empathy and collaboration to address climate change in the region.

The project culminated in a final report, video and competitive pitch.

Photography by Chelsea Abbott

Mai Kana
Mai Kana slideshow-1

Project video created by Chelsea Abbott


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