Because some pain is not bloody normal.

Period pain – lots of people experience it, but some pain is not bloody normal. Like endometriosis, a life-altering condition which affects 10% of wom*n worldwide, yet can go undiagnosed for 10 years.

Recognising that severe period pain is a real problem with little attention, I worked with a transdisciplinary team to prototype an awareness and education campaign that seeks to stop normalising the symptoms of period-related health conditions. The Not Bloody Normal campaign focuses on improving people's awareness of these conditions, as a starting point for shortening the time to diagnosis and increasing research in this area.

Over a period of 3 months, my key role was to develop a minimum viable product version of the campaign website, and begin building out a stakeholder engagement plan. We presented a complete prototype of the campaign at the BCII Market Day in October 2019.


Front-end development


Phebe Bianca Raviraj
Gabby Head

Awarded with Honourable Recognition from the Faculty of Transdisciplinary Innovation

Market Day

A participant adding a card to the wall of period questions and experiences.

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