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KJA is a communication and engagement consultancy working across government, non-profit and the private sector. I worked with a transdisciplinary team to help KJA identify opportunities to improve stakeholder engagement practices.

We emerged with Plott – a workshop activity that primes participants for better deliberation and consensus-building. Plott has since been trialled in community engagements for Sydney Airport, with interest from political decision-makers and engagement practitioners.






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Scott Newton
Dr Paul Brown

The Challenge

Empowering community-based decision-making

Many people feel let down by the organisations and governments that serve them.

Using innovative engagement tools, how can we empower communities to better govern themselves and act on issues they care about?


We conducted interviews with decision-makers and engagement practitioners, alongside focus groups and a survey of young Australians across the country.

Our findings were supplemented by engagement case studies and research into existing engagement practices.

Methodology v2

While time can be a barrier to engagement, we also found decision-makers are more receptive to stakeholder input when there is evidence that stakeholders have evaluated multiple perspectives on an issue.

Ultimately, we found there was significant potential for intervention in the deliberative process – a method currently at the forefront of engagement practice, as it is designed to create informed consensus.

With this in mind, we decided to leverage the deliberative process to create a more constructive and productive relationship between communities and decision-makers.

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Plott is a card-based exercise, designed to be used at the beginning of a deliberative engagement process.

Plott is designed so participants will constantly and almost inevitably change their mind throughout the process. The exercise mimics what individuals might experience as they learn new information, helping develop the flexible mindset needed to develop a constructive view.

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